Moment of Truth: Lissette Gonzalez by phattyjboy

Lissette Gonzalez

Normally I’d blog the whole thing, but I didn’t watch it live and don’t feel like it this week. They find some very interesting people to be on this show though. This week’s episode featured Puerto Rican hottie Lissette Gonzalez. She’s a hostess/model from NYC and has her boyfriend, Derek, her mother Alejandra, and her friend Daiana (or some bullshit spelling) on the show with her.

She’s definitely hot with her curly blonde hair and, as we lear after the first question, her fake tits. She seems to be very confident and in control. You can tell this by how many times the host, Mark Walberg, tells her how confident she is. They then begin the normal series of questions about her lying to her mother about being a virgin (give me a break), sending naked photos to a magazine, and so on.

The show got interesting when she went for $25,000 and was on Question 11: “Would you trust your boyfriend to be home alone with your best friend Daiana?” – She of course answers NO (her boyfriend looks like a real slick mofo. Nice hair, buddy) and wins the $25,000.

Question 12: “Do you think your boyfriend Derek has ever been unfaithful with you while away on a business trip?” – YES. Of course he cheated on your controlling ass.

Question 13 (asked by her ex-boyfriend): “Have you ever regretted breaking up with me?” – YES. Maybe you shouldn’t cheat on her, slick.

Question 14: “Have you ever considered getting pregnant just to get Derek to marry you?” – NO. Thats because she’s still a “virgin”. Suuuuuuuuure.

Question 15 (for $100,000): “Is your former boyfriend a better lover than Derek?” – NO. Thats why she didn’t go back to him.

Lissette decides to continue on for the $200,000 and get asked Question 16: “Have you ever had sexual relations with someone in an effort to further your career?” – She says NO, but you know this shit is YES, and she loses the money. What a dumb bitch. Honestly. You’ve been a model for years and are hostessing at a restaurant in NYC and have fake tits. You’re honestly going to say you’ve never slutted it up to further your career? Give me a break. I do not feel sorry for you. Only for myself because I’m still watching this show.

By the way, if anyone finds the naked pictures she sent to some magazine, let me know where. That will make me feel better about wasting the last hour of my life.

Now I Know This Show is Bullshit by phattyjboy

Michael Greenland

Once again, I’m sort of live blogging on this week’s “Moment of Truth”. In reality, its more like DVR-blogging since I didn’t watch it live, but you don’t really want to know what I was doing when it was on TV. Really. Don’t ask.

The first couple weeks of this show started off with people who I assumed were just stupid enough to pour their hearts out on TV, as well as embarrass the shit out of themselves and their families for a decent amount of money. But as soon as they had “thy episode that was too controversial to air” about three or four weeks ago, I started to call bullshit. This week was just more of the same.

This week’s contestant was a 32 year old carpenter from St. Louis named Michael Greenland. He is a self-proclaimed family man, married to his wife, Aimee, for five years with two children. Aimee, his mother Hazel, and a sister-in-law and brother-in-law were his guests on the show.

The guy seems like he’s definitely playing a silly care-free character, making several slightly humorous jokes in the first several minutes. He also thinks you can swear on national television, too. The first question that catches my attention is this one:

Question 2: “Have you ever made a wax replica of your private parts?” – Yes, to which he replies that his wife was going to bring it, but it didn’t fit in her purse. The host, Mark Walberg, then asks his wife what something like that would be used for, to which Aimee replies “We don’t need to….just go on. Next question.”

Question 3: “Have you ever felt that your wife is excessively jealous of other women?” – Yes (Aimee answers that she onlyused to be, but isn’t anymore. Yeah. Right. Wait until the questions get better.)

Question 4: “Has your wife, Aimee, ever said anything that hurt you enough to make you cry?” – Yes. Pussy. Men don’t have feelings.

Now here’s where I start to call bullshit on this whole thing. Question 5: “Would you say your wife is the most attractive woman you ever dated?” and this guy actually replies no. There is no god damn way that someone would say that on national television about their wife. They could be horribly maimed in a car wreck and they’d make some bullshit up.

Question 6: “Since you have had children, have you lost any of your sexual attraction to your wife Aimee?” First of all, your kids will probably see this someday. Do you really want them to know any of this shit? Again I call bullshit. But then he answers “No” and it was true so he wins $10,000. I’m intrigued. Maybe I’m wrong?

Question 7: “Are you sexually attracted to any of your wife’s sisters?” – One of them is sitting right in front of him and he still answers “Yes.” And then it comes out that he’s dated the other sister Rachel that is sitting up there, as well as another one of Aimee’s sisters, so that means he most likely tagged three bitches in her family. So of the five women in Aimee’s family, he married her and previously dated two others. Now I like this guy.

Then the questions switch gears to his family. They bring up religion and how he grew up Mormon and lied about his beliefs blah blah blah. There’s drama with his father, Chuck, who is estranged, who’s new wife is a bitch, and so on. Then they bring his father out.

Question 11: “Despite the life you’ve led, do you think that I still love you?” – Yes I do. Since when have you ever seen a son and father reunite on a TV show on Fox? How can this NOT be made up? Whatever. He answered the question truthfully so he now has $25,000.

Question 12: “Have you ever thought that your past drug use may have caused permanent damage to your body?” – Yes.

Question 13: “Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about a friend’s wife?” And his brother-in-law/friend is sitting in the audience. We know Michael dated two of his sister-in-laws. Is this brother-in-law one of their husbands? Oh and he answered “Yes.”

Question 14: “Have you ever had sexual relations with any of your wife’s sisters?” – No. Fucking liar. That lie detector is a fucking liar.

Question 15: “Have you ever had sex with any of your friends’ wives?” – I fucking hate all these commercials and he answers “Yes.” If his wife wasn’t jealous before, she is now. Dumbass. You should have tagged one of the sisters. He now has $100,000 and he walks away.

Okay here’s my question. No one has made it to the $200,000 mark. One other person tried to go on after winning $100,000 and they failed. What the hell kind of questions are after $200,000, $350,000, and the final one for $500,000? Even if this shit is fake, I need to find out.

Actually, I’m glad that “Top Chef” is on Wednesdays so I don’t have to say “Oh last night? All I did was watch ‘Moment of Truth’. Yup. Thats my Wednesday nights. ::sigh::”

This is EXACTLY Why I Love This Show by idontknowmuch

Ellen Valinotti

The Moment of Truth on FOX is on at 9pm EST on Wednesday nights. And if you’re doing anything else besides watching this show every Wednesday, then I can never be friends with you.

Ellen Valinotti, a married mother of four and very attractive, gets asked questions like this:

“Does the thought of getting spanked by an attractive male excite you?”

“While having sex with your husband Darren, have you ever fantasized about a member of the New York Yankees?”

And if you were wondering, she said YES to both of these questions on national television. And she’s getting even hotter and hotter as I watch.

Then the show takes a different turn, which for some odd reason, is still very entertaining to me. Even though I am only watching through my fingers like you did when your female “friend” in high school was changing and she told you to cover your eyes. You know you looked.

“Do you think you are a better mother to your children than your mother was to you?” – YES

“Do you believe that your in-laws have been better parents to you than your own?” – YES

“Have you ever fantasized about having sex with one of your co-workers?” – YES

“Did you invite anyone to your wedding that you previously had sexual relations with?” – YES (Kinky, ain’t she?)

“Do you have any secrets that you believe could end your marriage?” – YES (Stupid whore.)

“Do you believe you will be married to Darren for the rest of your life?” – YES

They took the $100,000 for getting 15 questions right and they will need that money to pay for the divorce lawyers. There are a lot of whores out there, aren’t there? Jesus Christ. I know my future wife will fantasize about athletes and celebrities, but co-workers? I’d probably go postal on that office. Woman are just as bad as men and don’t you ever think otherwise.

Something new we found out this week was that they ask your friends and family a bunch of questions before they give you the lie detector test. I’d kill my friends if they revealed some of this shit about me. Guy code, dude. Guy. Code.

Click HERE to view a recap video of the show. Go HERE if you don’t know anything about the game.

WTF by idontknowmuch

Lauren Cleri or Doskis

I honestly don’t know what the hell to think about this show “Moment of Truth” on Fox. I have to think that this week’s episode is fake as shit. In case you’ve never watched this show (because you have a life unlike myself), let me give you the rundown:

– Each week a contestant comes on the show having already been given a rigorous polygraph test of 50 questions.
– Most of these questions are very personal, asking about work, husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends, families, etc. who are usually sitting there with them.
– They are then asked 21 questions which they have to answer truthfully, even if they didn’t in the polygraph.
– 6 questions right gets you $10,000, then 11 questions right gets you $25,000, 15 questions right get you $100,000, 18 questions gets you $200,000, 20 questions right gets you $350,000, and then the final questions right to equal 21 gets you half a million dollars.
– Your family can only throw out one questions for you, which is replaced by an equally hard question to answer.
– Through the first couple weeks of the show, there have been some very personal and ridiculous questions asked, some being very funny and others making yourself question whether or not you want to watch someone answer (even though I always do).

Let’s get to this week’s special show, one that the show’s host claims was never supposed to air and that he thought went too far. This week’s contestant is named Lauren Cleri and she had her husband, Frank, with her, her parents, and her brother and sister. The show started off being not very hard through the first 7 or 8 questions. One they asked was if she had been fired from a job for stealing and she had, but then she claimed she wouldn’t do it again if she got caught. She answered she wouldn’t even though thats complete crap. Another early highlight was her answering that she did not think her parents were proud of her. Now here’s where it got interesting…they started to ask questions about her relationship with her husband, Frank, after she had already won $25,000:

– Question 12 (right after she said communication between her and her husband wasn’t so great): “Do you secretly stay in touch with any boyfriends that your husband does not know about?” She answered NO.

– Question 13: “Have you ever taken off your wedding ring to appear as if you were single?” She answered YES. You can cut the tension in the air with a knife. The host keeps telling her that he doesn’t have the stomach for the next few questions and that they cross his line.

– Question 14: “Do you believe you might have been in love with a former boyfriend on your wedding day?” She answered YES.

– Question 15 (for $100,000): The host doesn’t ask her this question. Her ex-boyfriend, also named Frank, comes out and asks her “If I wanted to get back together with you, would you leave your husband?” She didn’t answer because her sister buzzed in to cancel the question, but it gets better….

– New Question 15 (still for $100,000): Her ex-boyfriend now gets to ask her this question on national television “Do you believe I am the man you should be married to?” And this bitch says YES. In front of her husband. And her family.

– Question 16: She has her $100,000 and still decides to continue, and then gets asked “Since you’ve been married, have you ever had sexual relations with someone other than your husband?” She…says…YES.

– Question 17: “Do you think you are a good person?” She actually has the cajones to say YES and it ends up being fucking FALSE. She loses all that money along with all of her respect. No wonder her parents aren’t proud of her.

What. The. Fuck.

One thing about this bitch – she said she didn’t care about the money, but that she just wanted to get everything off her chest. Ummm who comes on national television to “get stuff of their chest” and completely ruin their marriage? Thats what makes me think this is completely fake. There’s tons of rumors floating around on’s message boards and other blogs. If you Google “Lauren Cleri”, for some reason a modeling agency keeps coming up, but I don’t think there’s a connection there. We did find out that she’s on a talent agency website and that she’s 26, but this could also be fake, too. There is also a link to her brother’s MySpace page which is where we find out her family’s last name is Doskis. There are pictures of Lauren with her brother and sister, as well as a picture of her with her “husband” Frank (shown above).

If this isn’t a complete fake, then her husband Frank better have left her ass and started banging ever piece of hot ass he sets his eyes on. No one can be much more owned than Lauren Cleri. No one should trust her ever again, even with a piece of paper. She will have had taken off her ring, had sex with the paper, cried afterwards that she wishes it was her ex-boyfriend instead of a stupid piece of paper, and then went on TV and displayed the nasty piece of paper to the entire country and wiped it on her husband’s cheek. That scenario might have been easier to watch.

UPDATE: Here’s her Myspace if you’d like to be her friend.

One show I will never go on. Ever. by idontknowmuch

Moment of Truth

I know it looks sort of intriguing but stupid at the same time, but you have to watch this show. One guy actually got up there during the first episode and told his smoking hot wife that he DIDN’T touch co-workers inappropriately. And his profession? Personal trainer.

You could have taken $25,000 for telling her a bunch of shit that was already going to land your ass on the couch for weeks. Your one saving grace was that the god damn lie detector somehow “detected” that you told the truth when you said you didn’t ever talk inappropriately with girls online. Suuuuure. And I don’t look at internet porn.

Checkout the preview video below: