Fuck PETA by idontknowmuch

Britney Starbucks and her non-fat Spears

PETA wrote to Jamie and Lynne Spears saying that their daughter’s dairy-heavy diet of ice cream and Starbucks may be a contributing factor to her mental health issues, namely her bipolar disorder. They have also said that her cravings for In ‘N’ Out burgers may also contribute to her schizophrenia, as their in linkage between that disease and parasites founded in undercooked meat.

Who the hell is PETA anyways? I want to know who governs them and who makes their decisions because as far as I’m concerned, they’re complete morons. I’m all for ethical treatment of animals, but this has to be an attempt to get publicity off of this. There is no other explanation for this. The bitch doesn’t need to stop eating burgers and drinking Starbuck’s because it is directly affecting her mental health. She needs to stop because thats one of the main reasons she can’t even fit into her jeans anymore. She’s crazy because every male in the country is completely confused as to why they ever drooled over pictures of the girl.

I mean come on. How many girls do you know that drink Starbuck’s and eat hamburgers. They’re all complete sane…….right? Oh shit. PETA may actually be right on this one. Come to think of it, pretty much every girl I know is a complete psychotic. Especially right after they’ve just chugged down their latte. Or had a Wendy’s Jr. bacon cheeseburger. Touche, PETA. Now I have some ammo for when I come home at 4am and get yelled at.

“You had fucking Starbucks today, didn’t you!?! How about a hamburger, fatty? Did you eat a god damn hamburger today?! CHEESEBURGER??? Even better. Both dairy and meat. Go back to sleep, psycho. We’ll talk tomorrow after this shit has run his course. You only get to drink water and eat salads from now on. GO TO SLEEP!”