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April 25, 2008, 3:42 pm
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Both Chris and I (Jim) have not had the time to write much lately. We’ll try to get back to making fun of celebrities, posting pictures of naked chicks, and misunderstanding gossip articles as soon as possible.

The Dark Knight by idontknowmuch

A bunch of other sites have already posted this video this morning and it’ll probably be taken down soon, so watch the preview. The movie looks just as fantastic as “Batman Begins” and thats because Christopher Nolan is a genius (for anyone who wants proof, see “Memento”). And there are going to be people lining up to see this movie in July because its one of Heath Ledger’s last films and probably his most anticipated.

I also found it amusing to learn how pissed off Jack Nicholson was about Nolan not asking him to reprise his role as the Joker. This isn’t “Geriatric Batman”, Jack. I don’t want to discredit you or your talents in any way, but come on. This is much different than “Something’s Gotta Give”. Although you were a bad ass in “The Departed”. Come to think of it, maybe they should have given you the chance.

That said, Heath Ledger fucking nailed the part. Every trailer I’ve seen, shit every picture I’ve seen, represents exactly how The Joker should be played. Creepy as hell with a couple screws loose. And it helps that he looks like someone tried to carve him from ear to ear. Batman movies should be dark as hell and I’m glad that Nolan and his team have saved the franchise from Clooney, Schwarzenegger, and Carrey.

Oh and one more thing: This is the movie that Tom “I’m Fucking Nuts” Cruise wouldn’t let his wifey poo be a part of. Not that she was really good in “Batman Begins”, but she is more attractive than Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Six Degress: Maggie’s brother Jake was Heath’s love in “Brokeback”. Coincidence? I think not.

UPDATE: The bank that is featured in the trailer is at Van Buren and Canal in Chicago. I drove by a couple months ago and then had spotlights that lit up the side of the building and lettering that said “Gotham Bank” on it. At the end of the scene, they actually pull out onto Van Buren going the wrong way. I know. I’m a nerd. 

Rockwilders by idontknowmuch

Britney Spears at Petco

Sooooo I had a friend in high school who worked at a pet store like Petco. And he said customers would always come in ask for Eukanuba for their “rockwilders”. Now I never understood what the hell a “rockwilder” was.

Until today. My god, Ms. Spears. I like to pride myself on the fact that I don’t have any memories of what my mother used to look like back in the day, much less what her nipples look like. Put a fucking bra on. No wait. Actually don’t put one on. You flaunt your stuff all you want out in public, girlfriend. Don’t wear panties getting out of the car on your way to Starbucks. Take all your clothes off when shopping for lingerie. I mean, if you can’t appreciate your sexiness when getting coffee and thongs, then when the hell are you supposed to do that???

No, wait. Take all that back again. Put on a fucking bra. Sober up. Go get your kids back from that sorry excuse for a man (and oh yes, he is showing you up with his parenting skills, my dear) and move back with your family. Your sister’s bastard child is going to need someone to go to gymnastics with.