Work It Out, Girl by idontknowmuch

Eva Mendes

There’s my Eva. I’m glad she had a nice relaxing purge at the trendy “rehab” a couple weeks ago. Girl looks gooooood. Come to think of it, everyone that comes out “rehab” looks pretty good. At least this rehab. I swear to god this place is just a spa that they market as rehab. People can go there, drink and smoke themselves retarded, and then come out feeling better because they probably are better than 99% of the other people in there.

Why are they better, you ask? They get paid millions to take pictures and make movies just because of their looks. You don’t see any unattractive artists or musicians coming out of that place, do you? Hell no. They’re on TV with Dr. Drew. Its probably in his contract that he can’t send “those people” within 25 miles of that place.

(By the way, I apologize for the all the quotation marks. I don’t “really” know how to use them).

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Who the fuck isn’t in rehab or a psych ward? by idontknowmuch

Eva Mendes ass

If you live in or around the LA area, get the fuck out. I think something’s in the water out there. Or maybe its just all tainted cocaine.

We all know Britney’s drama. And Lindsay. And Ms. Winehouse. Now there’s that guy from Grey’s Anatomy. But who would have guessed the next person to being their spiral would be the lovely Eva Mendes? Her publicist says she’s dealing with “personal issues” that they cannot comment on at this time. I’m sure most people don’t want attention drawn to them while they’re in rehab either. Probably doesn’t help the process very much. So my guess is that something is really wrong since she did this not even two days after the Britney spectacle.

Or she just misses her hot black co-stars. Damn Will Smith and Denzel Washington. I don’t care if you’re happy or not. Show her some love. Get jiggy with it. I know I would.