Weird by idontknowmuch

Christina Aguilera

Ms. Aguilera has yet to deliver the 2nd and 3rd babies from her triplets, even though she had her son Max almost a month ago. Doctors around the world are baffled. “We’ve never seen the fetuses move up into the chest like that.”

Your move, Daniel Edwards by idontknowmuch

Was this supposed to be Oprah?

Oprah sculpture

Or pregnant Halle Berry?

Halle Berry pregnant

Because if its Halle, you made her look too much like Oprah, dumbass.

Of Course She Looks Bigger by idontknowmuch

Jessica Alba pregnant

She’s pregnant. Thats usually what happens to girls who are pregnant. They gain weight. The ones that don’t look like they’ve put on any pounds until they’re like 7 1/2 months along are freaks of nature anyways. And to be honest, I think she still looks damn fine. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’ll ever get this picture out of my mind:

Jessia Alba’s ass

But give her a damn break. Who cares if her cheeks are getting fat? Are you even looking at her cheeks in the picture above? No…not those cheeks. Obviously we’re all looking at her ass. The one’s on her face. 

Oh nevermind. 

Thats All I Have to Say About That by idontknowmuch

Britney Spears

I don’t really believe in violence, but someone needs to slap some god damn sense into this girl. And it should be her mother and father. She just needs attention (thats very obvious), so show some. Put some panties on her mommy ass and get her the hell out of L.A. Work on getting those kids back. Or else she’s going to end up dead. Or on Celebrity Rehab.

And we all know we’d love to watch that great piece of television history, but I don’t even know if Dr. Drew can help this bitch out. Let’s just hope Jamie Lynn is watching this self-destruction and she makes things right, too. When Britney went down the tubes, you know all you perverts out there were just waiting for her sister to become of age. Now look at what you did, Jaime Lynn. You ruined that for all of them. Selfish bitch.