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For any of you who haven’t seen this video, watch it so you can get caught up/fall asleep:

And since yesterday was February 10th, I have some more interesting stuff to report. Scientology is still fucked up. And now we have more fucked up people wearing masks and calling themselves “Anonymous” protesting that Scientology is fucked up.

V for Vendetta Scientology protestors

They also were going to try and knock out Scientology’s servers, too, but I’m not sure if they were successful and I really do not care. What I do care about is why they have to wear masks. Are you telling me that all these people are ex-Scientologists who are afraid there will be repercussions? Granted it looks much cooler than people just walking around in regular clothes, but are they THIS afraid of Scientology? Everything I’ve read about this shit confirms that Scienologists are indeed nuts and they violate people’s rights all the time. Read this guy’s BLOG to find out more about today and his “buddy” who used to be a scientologist.

This shit is just old. I’m all for free speech and freedom to pray to aliens or whatever the hell it is, but I don’t see how Scientologists are being affected by this. Tom Cruise is about to have an aneurysm, which is fine by me, but I’m sure they’re just going to shrug this shit off. In my opinion, anyone who joins this shit is fucked up in the head and in need of a friend anyways. Get a real damn support system. All these people are so stuck on searching for something and you’ll never change the fact that they think worshipping aliens and giving all their money to this cult is okay.I am looking forward to seeing Scientology’s official response to this though. I’m not looking forward to another Leah Remini email. I’m also looking forward to Tom Cruise’s official press release on this girl on the right and her bubble butt.

Bubble butt protester

“No, Tom, not the hoodie. We all know you want to kill her for wearing the hoodie. What do you think of her ass? Tom…Tom! Look at her….okay hold on a second. I’ll Photoshop the hoodie out. Now….tell me what you think of her ass. Her ASS, Tom! Its right fucking there…..oh nevermind.”

I’m DEFINITELY a stalled Clear by idontknowmuch
January 28, 2008, 3:40 pm
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Leah Remini

So….ummm I don’t even know where to begin. This shit reminds me of a group of friends I used to know I was little. They had a tree fort on our block and made up weird chants and prayers that they said to this tree. And every time I was around them, they’d use weird language and codes for things, like if they were going to leave and go around the block, they’d say “GATB”. I know. Brilliant, right?

Needless to say, I didn’t hang out with these kids for very long. One of them was GATB when a car hit him and he flew like forty feet into a tree. And all I could think of was “You guys pray to these god damn trees and now look at you.” That’s my only explanation for this:

“This is Leah Remini Writing you again. Some of you may know me from the TV show “King of Queens”, but what is more important is that I m now OT V and at one point I was a very stalled Clear. A lot of people helped me to get OT, and I decided I was going to turn around and help every Clear make it to OT….

If your C/S has CS ed you for the PTS SP course, or some other needed action to get you rolling up the GRADECHART faster, then do it, and do it fast….

I would hear people talk to me about other Clears and refer to them as “stalled Clears” and I would be like “Yeah-they are totally stalled. You guys should handle them.” Never once did I think “I” was a stalled Clear, because I was always doing something. Once my mother told me I was stalled and I actually thought she was an idiot. Really, I thought “Wow, she really should handle that.” I also thought she just didn’t know me. My mom is OT VII and a Class VI. She did know me and she was right. So, it is up to you now to be honest with yourself and look at your own progress up the Bridge….”

If I learned anything from the strange backyard tree cult, it is this – the Scientologists better not ever cross a real goddamn bridge. That thing is gonna fall down. Or quite possibly fall down on top of them. True story.