I hate this mo’fo anyways by idontknowmuch

Jesse Metcalf

Aspiring rapper Mams Taylor knocked pretty boy Jesse Metcalf on his ass last night outside Boulevard 3 or some shit in L.A. Jesse was supposedly hitting on Mams “girlfriend, actress/singer/slut Taryn Manning. Metcalf is restrained by bodyguards in the video and keeps yelling “What the fuck?” but never actually gets to retaliate…..until later that night when he jumped on the guy’s back inside the club.

See the video HERE.

Jump on his back? What the fuck do you work out for then? I know the guy is bigger than you and was wearing weight-lifting gloves for some reason, but come on. Punch this motherfucker in his face. And then I’m going to come punch your ass in the face for messing with these lovely ladies’ emotions (yes I saw “John Tucker Must Die” and don’t judge me):

Ladies of John Tucker Must Die