I Remember That Dude by idontknowmuch


People Magazine is reporting that country singer Sara Evans is engaged to Jay Barker, a radio host in Birmingham, Alabama.

Evans sings songs, apparently. She was also on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Besides working as a radio host, Barker was the quarterback for the University of Alabama football team:

Barker led Alabama to a national championship in 1992 and hosts a morning radio show in Birmingham. 

I’m a humungous sports geek, so lets get one thing straight: Jay Barker didn’t lead shit to a national championship……the Bama defense that year was one of the best in college football history, and they carried a stagnant offense all the way to a title. Just because I work for a Fortune 500 company as a janitor doesn’t mean I led them to a $200 billion fiscal year.

But I don’t besmirch him the opportunity to nail this nice MILF. Solid pull, Jay.