Brad Pitt Works American Idol by idontknowmuch


Us magazine reports that the scene at this week’s taping of ‘American Idol Gives Back’ was insane, especially when Brad Pitt stopped by to make an appearance.

When the actor, 44, hit the stage at Hollywood’s Kodak Theater, the crowd wouldn’t stop screaming, one attendee tells……Idol floor manager Debbie McVickers stopped the show because the actor’s mic wasn’t working. As she tried to attach his mic, she joked, “I just needed a reason to touch him!” Pitt — whose efforts to rebuild New Orleans were recognized on the show — then erupted out in laughter.

Well no shit. The people in that crowd went apeshit when fucking Sanjaya was “singing” last season; when an honest-to-goodness movie star and icon shows up on the same stage, I’m surprised half of the crowd members’ skulls didn’t explode. Its a miracle that the people in the audience didn’t all experience spontaneous combustion simultaneously.

Pregnant Hotties: Repeat Edition by idontknowmuch

Angelina Jolie pregnant with twins?

The Sun is rambling on about some very uninteresting story of how Brad and Angelina are moving to France to have her twins and honor her dead mother and they hate America….blah blah blah. I wanted to post this picture because she’s still hot even after having four kids.

UPDATE: I was informed that she adopted three of them and only has one kid and she hates her or thinks she’s spoiled or something. My bad.

UPDATE UPDATE: She’s not having twins, supposedly. Just a baby girl.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Did we mention how hot she still is? And I notice she’s bringing Brad’s wax figure out onto the red carpet. He must be with all the kids.