Stay Hot, Kid by idontknowmuch

Every once in a while, the writer’s of this blog will post the title above, present a picture, and then reflect on its meaning and place in the world. Hopefully we don’t have too many of these. Let us know how you feel by leaving a comment. Dont anyone dare mention my Speedo pictures. Assholes.

John Mayer

Only Man for Jess by idontknowmuch

Papa Joe Simpson and Jessica Simpson

Let’s see…….

Nick Lakie (I don’t care if its Lachey)

John Mayer

That guy from Maroon 5

Dane Cook

John Mayer

That guy from biology class (lucky bastard)

John Mayer again

Biology class dude again (John Mayer’s pissed)

Tony Romo

Terrell Owens (he was saying sorry)

Jason Witten (you know it happened)

Tony Romo

Obviously her dad is the only one to make those boobies happy. Creep.

Or maybe she’s just a fucking nutjob.