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Eva Mendes

There’s my Eva. I’m glad she had a nice relaxing purge at the trendy “rehab” a couple weeks ago. Girl looks gooooood. Come to think of it, everyone that comes out “rehab” looks pretty good. At least this rehab. I swear to god this place is just a spa that they market as rehab. People can go there, drink and smoke themselves retarded, and then come out feeling better because they probably are better than 99% of the other people in there.

Why are they better, you ask? They get paid millions to take pictures and make movies just because of their looks. You don’t see any unattractive artists or musicians coming out of that place, do you? Hell no. They’re on TV with Dr. Drew. Its probably in his contract that he can’t send “those people” within 25 miles of that place.

(By the way, I apologize for the all the quotation marks. I don’t “really” know how to use them).

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I Knew I Liked Kate Hudson by idontknowmuch

Kate Hudson looks goooood

Wow she’s definitely got…umm….talent. My question is: Why does her son resemble Gollum? And then my question to myself would be: Why the fuck do you care?


Kate Hudson ass picture 1 Kate Hudson ass picture 2 Kate Hudson ass picture 3 Kate Hudson ass picture 4

I Beg of You by idontknowmuch

America = Cheeseburger and Fries

Please go to Food Fight and watch that amazing video. Its pretty funny AND you get a history refresher course along the way. You can also go HERE for a cheat sheet in case you don’t know what the hell food is associated with which country (there was a lot of beef stroganoff in there).

Kinda sad watching the hamburger towers come down on all the Freedom Fries though. The bombing of the sushi rolls was pretty entertaining though. I found out that I don’t care if sushi dies, but I’d probably care if an atom bomb was dropped on my country and actual people. The things we learn about ourselves.

New American Apparel Ad? by idontknowmuch

Chris Crocker

Their ad people sure do use some very uni-sexual ugly mo fo’s in their ad campaigns. I’m all for sexy pictures of underage-looking girls in their boys underwear, but this just takes it too far.

What the fuck species is this?

What’s Wrong with the Youth of Today by idontknowmuch
February 27, 2008, 1:14 pm
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Nisreen Swedberg and Sarah Williams

CNN has a video up HERE about two 18 year old ho bags who claim they were kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for being too (wait for it) gorgeous. They claim they asked for a water bottle and never received it, thus being discriminated against because of their ravaging beauty. The fact that they got into a screaming match with another passenger for taking too long in the bathroom doesn’t mean anything though.

We all know stupid little bitches like these two. They think the world is owed to them and most of the time they are just empty inside. And I don’t care if thats cruel to say that to 18 years olds. That would be my pick-up line if I ever ran into them. “Hey you two. You’re completely empty inside” and they’d be all like “Oh hell no he didn’t! Who the fuck do you think you are?” and I’d say “The one thats going to fill that void, baby.”

Let’s face it. I might not agree with them, but as long as they are 18 and I wasn’t the one in that bathroom on that airplane, I’m going to take my chances.

Me: 1 Them: 0 You’re move, ladies.

Stay Hot, Kid by idontknowmuch

Every once in a while, the writer’s of this blog will post the title above, present a picture, and then reflect on its meaning and place in the world. Hopefully we don’t have too many of these. Let us know how you feel by leaving a comment. Dont anyone dare mention my Speedo pictures. Assholes.

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