My Favorite Idol is Married to a Pedophile by idontknowmuch

Katherine McPhee

Damn you, McPhee. We had a fucking deal. I was going to console you after your CD didn’t work out, you’d dump THIS GUY because he was old enough to be your dad, and we would live out our days as two Irish drunks. Buuuuut noooooo you had to go and marry this douchebag. And you know why? 97.2% of girls that are famous have daddy issues. Its like the fact they didn’t have a father around fuels their need to get famous and make money. Where did I such an accurate fact you ask? Wikipedia. That shit has answers for everything.

BTW I have no idea if my Kit Kat had her daddy around or not, but he must not have done a great job if she’s marrying a 42 year old at 23 years of age. Oh and fuck you for telling me you were a virgin. I can’t believe I fell for that shit again. You’ve been around the block more times than that weird tree cult I posted about last week. Again, true story.

Booty comparison: THEN and NOW (because I don’t care about people seeing my Kitty Kat anymore):

Katherine McPhee’s bootay comparison

Are they getting married because she’s secretly pregnant? Stay tuned to IDKM for the answer at 5!