That Better Be His Babysitter or His Sister by idontknowmuch
February 15, 2008, 2:21 pm
Filed under: Frankie Muniz, Valentine's Day

Frankie Muniz

We should have just called this blog “Are You Kidding Me?” because I say that about 15 times a day when I read through Hollywood gossip for the day. Frankie Muniz is total calling this girl his bitch and that makes you cry. Especially because you know you were alone last night on Valentine’s Day. Or if you weren’t, you were definitely not with a woman of this caliber.

Granted her boobs are some of the most fake boobs I’ve ever seen, but you don’t even care about that so I’ll stop right there. You are wondering how “Malcolm in the Middle” can pull tail like this and I’ll tell you. Its those red shoes. They’re like Dorothy’s ruby slippers. And this bitch is carrying Toto in that little bag. Don’t believe me? Look closer. And the flying monkeys? The paparazzi that are taking these pictures. Hollywood is the present day Oz and not to get to metaphorical and shit, but here we go:

The Lion? Luke Wilson. Scarecrow? You guessed it – Owen Wilson. Tin Man? Bob Saget. And the wicked witch is:

Melissa Joan Hart