More Buseytainment by idontknowmuch

I hate 11 years old, too, Gary. Tell that bitch to speak up and talk slower so you can understand her. Because we all know how fucking coherent your ass is.

Hate hate hate haterade for Gaaaaaarrry Bussssseeeeey!

One Liners by idontknowmuch

– How fun would Gary Busey be at my next cocktail party? I’ll let you know!  (IDLYITW)

–  Something isn’t very beautiful about this, Christina. Yikes. (WWTDD)

– She’ll look exactly like her mother in a few years. Just wait. (DrunkenStepfather)

– Another edition of “Way Too Hot For Him” this Wednesday on ABC. (DrunkenStepfather)

– They’re definitely lesbians together. (SeriouslyOMG)

– I like this quote: “Too bad she didn’t pass the oral exam, or she might not be in the bind she’s in now.” (ICYDK)

– I love his band, but come on, Jared. (Dlisted)

– Damn it, Summer. ::sigh:: (JustJared)