Reality TV More Dangerous Than Regular TV by idontknowmuch


Reports are that two of reality television’s biggest stars at the moment–‘American Idol’ finalist David Cook and ‘Dancing with the Stars’ cast member Derek Hough–were both taken to the hospital in the last few days.


Cook was taken to a nearby hospital for high blood pressure, but assured everyone last night that it wasn’t serious and that he would be fine. Hough apparently suffered a minor neck injury during rehearsals, but did not require an overnight hospital stay and should be fine for the rest of the season with partner, Shannon Elizabeth.

I’m not going to rag on Cook because he’s been my pick to win Idol since the finalists were dwindled down to 24; it would be good if the winner wasn’t a ballad-centric singer, for once. While Hough seems somewhat goofy and his almost too well-crafted good looks bug me a bit, he’s harmless and IDKM hopes he is OK, if only to ensure Shannon continues on the show. But it probably won’t happen because no matter how good a dancer the hot chick is, she always gets voted off early…..meanwhile, the annoying as hell Broadway star stays on even though she can’t dance to save her life. Wonder why.)

One thing I will say about Derek is that his sister, fellow DWTS cast member Julianne, is the epitome of cute. Believe me, I would love to be able to write and say dirty, dirty things about her, but she’s too cute. I’d feel weird about it, like I was fantasizing about a little sister. I just kind of want to put her in my pocket and carry her around.

Who am I kidding? I’d still absolutely wreck it. But I’d want to take her out for dinner after, instead of the normal thing I say to women after sex: ‘Heres your $200 dollars now leave me be so I can cry myself to sleep’.

I Remember That Dude by idontknowmuch


People Magazine is reporting that country singer Sara Evans is engaged to Jay Barker, a radio host in Birmingham, Alabama.

Evans sings songs, apparently. She was also on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Besides working as a radio host, Barker was the quarterback for the University of Alabama football team:

Barker led Alabama to a national championship in 1992 and hosts a morning radio show in Birmingham. 

I’m a humungous sports geek, so lets get one thing straight: Jay Barker didn’t lead shit to a national championship……the Bama defense that year was one of the best in college football history, and they carried a stagnant offense all the way to a title. Just because I work for a Fortune 500 company as a janitor doesn’t mean I led them to a $200 billion fiscal year.

But I don’t besmirch him the opportunity to nail this nice MILF. Solid pull, Jay.