She’s Probably Distressed About TJ Hooker by idontknowmuch


Emergency services responded to Heather Locklear’s home Sunday after a 911 call was made by Locklear’s psychiatrist saying that the doctor feared for the actress’ safety and that she seemed upset. TMZ reports:

We’re told the shrink spoke with Heather on Saturday night and was alarmed because she was “upset” and he believed she might OD on medication prescribed for depression. The call was listed with dispatch as a “suicide attempt.” We’re told when paramedics arrived, Heather was OK and it was a false alarm.

Well, at least one of three things happened here. One, Locklear was genuinely upset and near suicide and her shrink made a call which she thought could save her patient’s life. Two, the shrink is a quack who misunderstood Heather saying ‘I’m sad today’ to mean ‘I’m going to kill myself.’ Three, TMZ’s whole ‘We hear’ thing is a device used so that they can print just about anything.

I’m going to go with number 3, although I will come out and say I was wrong if Heather kills herself. Time will only tell. Fucking David Spade for an extended period of time has been known to make people suicidal.