Give some Chicago love by idontknowmuch

I’ll admit. I watched “Rock of Love last year and somewhat enjoyed myself every week. And no, it wasn’t just because lots of the girls are somewhat attractive. That was a big reason, but something about watching bitchy girls bitch all day at the other bitches amused me. And over Bret Michaels? Can TV get any better?

Ambre Lake

I do have to give a shout out to Ms. Ambre Lake on Season 2 of the show. She’s a classy lady from Chicago and I really appreciate her career choices. Obviously most of the girls (if not all of them) on the show are “smart” enough to realize that Bret doesn’t want to find true love. So why are they on the show, you ask?

“One reason I wanted to do the show is because I was a HUGE fan of the show during the first season. It show Bret to be a really cool and down to earth guy, so why not? Plus, I’m an actress and have been working in the business for a while and well, you can get a lot of exposure from reality TV.”

Now I’m probably not the best judge of what makes a good career choice, but are you kidding me? Going on a show to shake your ass in front of an aging rock star that hasn’t been relevant since the late 80’s wouldn’t be your best bet. Unless you wanted to go into porn. Or Valtrex ads. Or work at your parents bar back in Chicago after you were supposedly chosen as Bret’s “Rock of Love” last season.

My favorite part of the show is actually watching the girls on the show that think they’re going to live with Bret and have him fall in love with them. I’m sorry but if he didn’t choose to live with this 23 year old (also from Chicago), then you don’t have a chance.

Jes Rickleff

Especially the over 40 crowd. Quick suggestion: Don’t start telling this guy you’re in the process of going through a divorce right now or have been married 4 or 5 times. Miiiight not help your case.