Topic of the Week: February 11th, 2008 by idontknowmuch

And the Grammy goes to….

Kanye West

Jim: So the Grammys were yesterday. As with most awards shows, I watched about an hour, then realized I would rather clean my oven then watch the whole show. So I soon skipped around to other shows, periodically coming in to see some awards I really wanted to see. One of those was best rap album. I’m glad Kanye won; all of his shit is hot. And I especially liked that during his speech, he shamed the producers into turning off the ‘end your speech’ music.

Phatty: As with most award shows, I watched none of it live and checked our some performances afterwards. And I must say, Aretha looks damn good. Wait….she was the one in the yellow dress? Oh….umm…..okay. She SOUNDED good then. And Mr. West, Mr. West, I am so impressed. With all his bitching about not winning at awards show, it was great to see Graduation and “The Good Life” get honors. Since I’m a fellow Chicagoan who also happens to be white, that was the record that I was bumping and would turn down stealthily when I pulled up to red lights. No I’m not afraid they’d hear me listening. I just didn’t want to cause any accidents with my driver seat juking.

Jim: Kanye deserved the Best Album of the Year, too. These Grammy voters are ridiculous. Herbie Hancock? Listen, I respect Herbie and his work. And I get jazz. Its cool. I can’t say I listen to it, but when I hear it, I enjoy it. But the average age of Grammy voters is somewhere around 45. Are you trying to tell me the majority of those voters gave ‘Graduation’ a full listen? Please. I bet half of those fools looked at the list, said  ‘Hmm. Herbie is good. I remember that video in the early 90s with the dancing robot. Lets give it to him.’ You think some 67 year old voter gave 4 listens to ‘Graduation’? Please.

Phatty: They obviously liked Amy Winehouse’s cracked-out teeth though. But thats just because her whole “thing” is sounding like she’s from an older generation, but with a “modern” twist. And you know what? People had told me that she would win despite all her drug problems and her husband in jail and shit, but I don’t think they should give her the damn Grammys if she can’t enter the United States? “What’s that, Ms. Winehouse? You’re visa was revoked? Oh shit….now we have to listen to this “Graduation” album by Kane West or something. What’s that, Jerry? We can still give her the awards via satellite? Well thats a relief. Well….just give her five awards then. Make her lose at least once so they don’t think this is just rigged. Sorry, Amy. Yes, yes. You too. Have a good day.

Jim: I dont get the Amy Winehouse love. I liked ‘Rehab’, but 5 Grammys? Come on, dude. I won’t take the Grammys seriously until they start giving Hip Hop the credit it deserves. Are you trying to tell me that no hip hop album has been the best album of the year….ever? No Biggie? No Tupac? No Outkast? Come on, dude. I’ll tell you something else–these idiots probably never listened to 50 Cent’s ‘I Get Money’, because that shit might be the best Hip Hop song of the year. Yes, 50 got his ass kicked by kanye when it comes to overall sales and quality of a whole album, but ‘I Get Money’ is the shit. This has been Hip Hop Minute.

Editor’s Note: Both of us white boys love Kanye Wizzle. Fo shizzle.