Women of the Web by idontknowmuch

Marisa Miller

Just click HERE. Trust me. You’ll be happy that you did.

Sidenote: 100 hundred pictures of Marisa Miller might make my head explode. Just a bit.

Did I switch bodies with Natalie Portman? by idontknowmuch

Natalie Portman Closer

In an attempt to make my head explode, the Sun UK is reporting that Natalie Portman wants to grab Scarlett Johannson’s breasts. Apparently, Natalie was reading from my diary when she said “Seriously, I want to grab Scarlett’s boobs. She has beautiful ones.”

Scar Jo

Wow, Natalie. You don’t say. You might be surprised to learn that this isn’t the first time Natalie has voiced my thoughts:

*–“George Bush is the anti-christ.”–November 22, 2004.
*–“I fucking hate Juan Uribe with the fire of a thousand suns.”–June, 2007.
*–“I think Carrie Morris likes me. I’m going to ask her to prom.”–May, 1995.
*–“I’m going to go in the other room, masturbate, and go to sleep.”–Almost every day since 1990.

One Liners by idontknowmuch

– How fun would Gary Busey be at my next cocktail party? I’ll let you know!  (IDLYITW)

–  Something isn’t very beautiful about this, Christina. Yikes. (WWTDD)

– She’ll look exactly like her mother in a few years. Just wait. (DrunkenStepfather)

– Another edition of “Way Too Hot For Him” this Wednesday on ABC. (DrunkenStepfather)

– They’re definitely lesbians together. (SeriouslyOMG)

– I like this quote: “Too bad she didn’t pass the oral exam, or she might not be in the bind she’s in now.” (ICYDK)

– I love his band, but come on, Jared. (Dlisted)

– Damn it, Summer. ::sigh:: (JustJared)