Bitch Got Beat by idontknowmuch

OJ’s girlfriend Christie Prody

And that shit isn’t even funny. Well….yeah it is, but I like to believe that I really don’t think its as funny as it is. Even though it is.

O.J. Simpson’s girlfriend, Christie Prody, “reportedly” fell down at a gas station while she was drunk and is now in the hospital. She suffered major bruising ALL OVER HER BODY and sources claim she also had internal bleeding in her brain. These sources also report that she did not have an alcohol in her system when she was brought to the hospital.

Now normally I wouldn’t call the National Enquirer a very qualified source, but you know this bitch got the shit beat out of her. Either that or this gas station was at the bottom of a fucking gorge. I can just see her pasty ass rolling down the hill as O.J. watches from above, yelling “You get me that damn gas when I tell you, bitch. Who do you think I am? Didn’t you read a newspaper in 1995?”

And if any of you think otherwise, you should be shot on site. No questions asked. Because you are not a contributing partner to society. So says me.