Moment of Truth: Lissette Gonzalez by phattyjboy

Lissette Gonzalez

Normally I’d blog the whole thing, but I didn’t watch it live and don’t feel like it this week. They find some very interesting people to be on this show though. This week’s episode featured Puerto Rican hottie Lissette Gonzalez. She’s a hostess/model from NYC and has her boyfriend, Derek, her mother Alejandra, and her friend Daiana (or some bullshit spelling) on the show with her.

She’s definitely hot with her curly blonde hair and, as we lear after the first question, her fake tits. She seems to be very confident and in control. You can tell this by how many times the host, Mark Walberg, tells her how confident she is. They then begin the normal series of questions about her lying to her mother about being a virgin (give me a break), sending naked photos to a magazine, and so on.

The show got interesting when she went for $25,000 and was on Question 11: “Would you trust your boyfriend to be home alone with your best friend Daiana?” – She of course answers NO (her boyfriend looks like a real slick mofo. Nice hair, buddy) and wins the $25,000.

Question 12: “Do you think your boyfriend Derek has ever been unfaithful with you while away on a business trip?” – YES. Of course he cheated on your controlling ass.

Question 13 (asked by her ex-boyfriend): “Have you ever regretted breaking up with me?” – YES. Maybe you shouldn’t cheat on her, slick.

Question 14: “Have you ever considered getting pregnant just to get Derek to marry you?” – NO. Thats because she’s still a “virgin”. Suuuuuuuuure.

Question 15 (for $100,000): “Is your former boyfriend a better lover than Derek?” – NO. Thats why she didn’t go back to him.

Lissette decides to continue on for the $200,000 and get asked Question 16: “Have you ever had sexual relations with someone in an effort to further your career?” – She says NO, but you know this shit is YES, and she loses the money. What a dumb bitch. Honestly. You’ve been a model for years and are hostessing at a restaurant in NYC and have fake tits. You’re honestly going to say you’ve never slutted it up to further your career? Give me a break. I do not feel sorry for you. Only for myself because I’m still watching this show.

By the way, if anyone finds the naked pictures she sent to some magazine, let me know where. That will make me feel better about wasting the last hour of my life.

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I laughed so hard hard when last monday while channel surfing a saw this weeks commercial for the show. To my surprise a former good friend was on it. So you know I had to watch. This dumb bitch has not changed one bit. She was herself manipulated in the past by her cokehead boyfriend and lost all of her friends. And by the way the question about getting physically violent… it was because cokehead beat her up.
As I watch her faked surprise look to loosing the last question my phone started ringing and my friend and I laughed as we couldn’t stop counting all the guys she screwed back home in P.R. to try and get ahead. With the old line “I know a lot of people in the business”, she was hooked on has been models that were never even real models. Sad sad sad.
What goes around comes around!

Comment by Carla

this episode of the moment of truth is awesome…lissete looks very hot specially with her legs crossed on the stage…

at the same time, this is so funny that she kept saying she’s still a virgin huh

anyone who have her naked pic???

Comment by Miigs Garcia

Looks like she submitted them to Pl@yboy’s Casting Call- New York:
Name: Lissette
Age: 30 …
Height: 5’7″ … Weight: 115 lbs
Measurements: 34B/25/35

Comment by Vball

hey Vball,, image 139 is the best!!! that is her!!!
thank you buddy.

Comment by Miigs Garcia

This are recent. She submitted pics taken by Ivan Batista years ago in PR. These where taken once in NYC

Comment by Carla

Wow, I used to work with this good looking girl in PR and I never know these things I know now. Intersting what people know and do not tell, well she is a fine looking girl anyway.

Comment by Alberto

whoa, is that really her? it’s so hard to distinguish between the curly and straight hair. plus, those boobs don’t seem fake.

Comment by r-dog

They should have asked her about Olly. Her coked outta his mind boyfriend. He manipulated her into believing he could make her a star. LOL! And all he did was shut her out from good friends and even loose a lot work opportunities. She should be a natural blonde, since she is so stupid. I’m not surprised she lost. She was stupid then and still is. LAy off the peroxide sweety it’s affecting your brain cells.

Comment by Felix

What goes around, goes around. This goldigger use to go behind her boyfriends to get whatever she wanted. Just like she said in the show….she always get what she wants….and she is EXTREMELY willing to pay a very chip price to get it!!!! She gives great head too!!!

Comment by FU42

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