You and Me Both, Christina by idontknowmuch


Christina Ricci, star of the upcoming ‘Speed Racer’, told her personal trainer during pre-filming workouts if she could get Jessica Biel’s butt.

“I asked my trainer, ‘Can you give me Jessica Biel’s butt?”, Ricci said……..but because of Ricci’s 5’0″ frame, her trainer told her no, to which Christina said “You always want what you can’t have!”

Amen to that, Ms. Ricci. I asked my personal trainer if I could have Jessica Biel’s butt, but I don’t think he heard me. Then I asked him if I could have Scarlett Johannsen’s tits, and he just ignored me. After that, I asked him for Stacy Keibler’s legs, and he gave me a weird look and walked away from me. In fact, he wasn’t even a personal trainer. He was just some guy working behind the counter at the local pharmacy where I pick up my “happy pills.”

I’m Not Buying It by idontknowmuch


The Sun UK is reporting that Justin Timberlake recently purchased an expensive necklace for his girlfriend, Jessica Biel, because she was upset he was spending time with Madonna:

JT has been at the Queen of Pop’s beck and call over the past year while collaborating on her forthcoming album ‘Hard Candy’. And movie beauty Jessica has been a little put out by their close working relationship……..So to make it up to Jessica he snapped up the sparkling white gold and emerald chain from top jeweller H Stern.

Listen, I know all women are somewhat insecure and many are prone to jealousy. But you cannot tell me that Jessica Biel, who looks like this…………

…… feeling jealous because her boyfriend, a guy who could probably fuck anyone he wants, is working with a woman that now looks like this……….

Don’t get me wrong…..Madonna looks pretty good for a 52-year old lady who will be a grandmother in about a week. But unless he has a GILF fetish, I’m pretty sure Justin has better options than a woman who was at her apex while he was still in dipers.

(*–Dick in a Box picture included because I couldn’t bring myself to post a picture of Justin with his shirt off or something……its bad enough I like his music.)