Yes…..Yes It Would Be Warm by idontknowmuch


OK Magazine reports that actress Kate Beckinsale is not a fan of sushi:

“I have to say, sushi freaks me out more than almost anything,” she tells Moviefone. “At least a vagina would be warm.”

Kate Beckinsale continues to climb up my rankings of hot women, and quotes like this one where she just randomly suggests that she loves warm vagina aren’t going to hurt her. I encourage all attractive actresses to just throw random “warm vagina” quotes in their interviews:

Angelina Jolie: “I’m very concerned with the situation in Africa. Conditions are horrible, and the climate–which is warm like the vagina I enjoy partaking in from time to time–is not hospitable for crops.”

See, that works.

One Liners – It’s Been a While by idontknowmuch

Adriana Lima GQ Photoshoot March 2008

– You might say that Adriana Lima is attractive (DrunkenStepfather)

-They better demolish the entire site that the naked Winehouse photoshoot took place on (DListed)

– See, I told you that all “Girls Gone Wild” girls would go on to lead great lives (Hollywood Tuna)

– I expect more from you, Scarlett (ImNotObsessed)

– Kate Beckinsale goes commando on that Late Show I don’t watch (Egotastic)

– I don’t care what any of you say, Jen looks hot (Just Jared)

Pharaoh’s Tomb? by idontknowmuch
February 28, 2008, 11:46 am
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Kate Beckinsale

The always lovely Kate Beckinsale gave an interview to Allure magazine, and let’s just say she wasn’t being very lovely. When asked about her love life and previous relationships, she responded:

“I’ve only ever had about three boyfriends. Only a handful of people have seen into the Pharaoh’s Tomb!”

Then when asked what her greatest physical asset was, this is what she had to say:

“My best feature is unfortunately a private matter, although I’m told it is spectacular. But you can’t really walk it down the red carpet. What can I say?” she giggled before silently mouthing the words ‘My twat’ at the interviewer.

Let me just say this. I want to be in the fucking room next time Kate Beckinsale leans over to a reporter and mouths the word “twat.” I have a hard time believing that ever happened, but looking back on her responses during this interview, I’d have to say she might be a closet freak. Who tells a national publication like Allure magazine that their best physical feature is their vagina? Lindsay and Paris wouldn’t even say that, even though we both know everyone in Hollywood has had a go with them and the only reason guys talk to them is because of their pharaoh’s tombs. However, its not like you have to be Indiana Jones to gain access to those tombs. You could probably tell a knock knock joke and by the time you were finished, they’d be in a doggy-style stance and asking you what’s taking so long.