Now I Better Re-Think Things by idontknowmuch


Us Magazine is reporting that The Hills ‘star’ Heidi Montag is going to vote for Republican presidential hopeful John McCain:

“I’m voting for John McCain. I’m a Republican and McCain has a lot of experience,”¬†Heidi explains.

Ya know, I was 99.9 percent sure I was going to vote for Barack Obama if given the chance in November. But now that I hear that Heidi is backing McCain, I certainly have a lot to think about. Before I make my final decision, I better¬†consult the only five people who’s opinion I value more than Heidi Montag:

–Adolf Hitler’s corpse
–The woman who wrongly accused the Duke lacrosse players of rape
–George Bush
–The guy at my office who comes in and fixes the copier once a month
–Ex-Chicago Bears tight end Cap Boso.

(Please don’t turn the comments section into a political flame war–yes, I know that Heidi’s vote counts just as much as mine and that John McCain is a hero, and I respect him. These are just jokes, people).

I Hate You by idontknowmuch

I’ll admit I’ve been drunk at night and watched a few episodes of “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach”. Mostly because the show is based around bitchy girls like the ones I used to hang out with in high school and I wanted to reminisce about that awkward period in my life while drinking a cup of tea and looking through my year book. Oh my god! I forgot that Kaitlin told me that we were going to be BFF. And Lori wanted to blow me but wouldn’t dump her lame ass boyfriend. Those were the days!

Enough about me. Here’s the most atrocious piece of crap that I’ve ever watched in my life: