Can’t they stop people from having children yet? by idontknowmuch

Is Britney Spears pregnant again?

I’m sorry but there are some people that should NEVER have children and this bitch already has two that she’s not legally allowed to see or be within 10,000 feet of, and there’s a rumor that she’s pregnant with Adnan’s baby. We all know she’s most likely not pregnant but even the thought of it makes my blood boil (yes, I’m from the 1940’s).

Sweetie, if you’re that stupid and insane…….haha what am I saying? OF COURSE YOU ARE! He just wants to ride you for all you’re worth literally figuratively speaking. Please close your god damn legs and work on you. Read a book. Jog on the treadmill. Buy some sex toys. This douche bag has a landing strip on his chin and we all know you’re hair-free, so right there you can deduce that you are not compatible. After all, pubic hair similarity is the universal tell-all sign of compatibility. You didn’t know that?