Way to Go, Donald by phattyjboy

Chanell Elaine Hallett underage pics

I could have told you that one of the cocktail waitresses/promoters for a brand new line of vodka would be underage. I thought it was a requirement to be under 18 to even be considered. I’ve never been to a bar or club where they were promoting a top shelf beverage and thought to myself “My god, this girl is hot for being 32.” And thats because I knew she was 17 and looked like she was 24, tops.

Now the Donald may get into a shitload of trouble, along with Trump Vodka, 944 Magazine, and the bar the even was hosted at. This soiree took place sometime during Superbowl weekend and one of the promoters, Chanell Elaine Hallett, was said to be about a week and a half away from being 18. Do they not check driver’s licenses before hiring people to work at bars? This story surfaced and we immediately had a copy of her driver’s license online. And now there is a gallery of pictures from her MySpace page (which is now private) to prove that she was underage and a lovely girl whore.

Something tells me that all girls are whores. Even the ugly ones. Have you ever browsed through Photobucket? O.M.G. Lots of girls claiming to be “hot and naked” that ruined many Saturday afternoons for me. And I know, I know. Now there’s no mystery with what this blog writer does on his Saturday afternoon. I guess you’ll just have to find out what I do the other six days, baby.

Weird Happenings with My Cousin, Papias Chulos by idontknowmuch

My Greek/Mexican cousin, Papias Chulos

He’s the one on the right. Crazy bastard.

There’s no way you can type while using this thing

Somehow I don’t think God likes this one bit

I want Big Loo to be my friend

PETA might have a problem with this, and my squirrel-knit vest

Just in case you wanted to see where my Greek/Mexican cousin lives

Editor’s Note: IDKM does not approve or consent to the viewing of these weird links. Go forth at your own risk. My cousin is what you would call “off his rocker.”

Stay Hot, Kid by idontknowmuch

Every once in a while, the writer’s of this blog will post the title above, present a picture, and then reflect on its meaning and place in the world. Hopefully we don’t have too many of these. Let us know how you feel by leaving a comment. Dont anyone dare mention my Speedo pictures. Assholes.

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