‘300’ Star Admits to Pumping Pooch!!! by idontknowmuch


According to Us magazine, after being asked by paparazzi if there was any truth to the rumors that he was dating Cameron Diaz, ‘300’ star Gerard Butler said “If I take a dog for a walk, apparently I’m fucking my dog!”

Dude, they were just asking if you were fucking a leggy Hollywood blonde, who many think is hot (not me, but still). Your response to that is to blurt out that you fuck animals? Whoa. Take it down a notch.

Its like when my wife walks in just after I’ve finished masturbating to tranny porn. “What are you doing?”, she’ll scream. And I’ll say, “Well, I wasn’t jerking it to ‘Boys Who Like Chicks with Dicks: Part 7’ if thats what you’re inferring!” In that case, I went too far. All I had to do was answer “Nothing”.

Just like Gerard here. Next time someone asks you if you’re nailing a Hollywood starlet, just say ‘No.’ Don’t get nervous and divulge your need to screw puppies.

Threat or Moronic Blog Writer? You Decide by idontknowmuch


Us Magazine is reporting that Heath Ledger’s father, Kim, has told anyone that will listen that Heath’s ex-wife and daughter will be “taken care of” after news has come out that all of Heath’s assets are to be distributed to his father and sisters instead of his young daughter, Matilda.

What a jerk! I really can’t believe how brazen Kim is being about this. First of all, is he so greedy that he wants all of his dead son’s money? Secondly, he is willing to “take care of” his son’s ex-wife and his grandaughter for a few lousy dollars? Third, who is going to do it? Is he going to hire someone to take them out, or will he do it himself? Finally, how can the Austrailian and American police and investigative bureaus just sit idly by and let these threats go unpunished? I’m flabbergasted.

Lets go to the article for more info:

“Matilda is an absolute priority and Michelle is an integral part of our family,” Kim Ledger said in a statement. “They will be taken care of and that’s how Heath would want it to be.”

Oh. Maybe Kim means that Williams and her daughter will be taken care of financially, as in all of their needs being met. Hmm. This is awkward. I really have to stop jumping to conclusions.