Oy by idontknowmuch


OK Magazine is reporting that Britney Spears has gotten back with her first manager, Larry Rudolph, in a move that may help solidify her most recent comeback attempt.

Rudolph was the man repsonsible for finding Britney and managing her career up until the star’s breakdown in late-2006 and early-2007. OK reports:

After her brief stint at the Promises clinic in Malibu, Brit went public with her ill-feelings toward Larry, chastising him on camera in a bizarre, disjointed rant, for what she viewed as siding with her folks against her. However, Brit’s dad has always been open about his positive feelings toward Larry, even publicly thanking Larry for his efforts. And now Jamie, who has continued to think the world of Larry both as a manager and as a friend who has Britney’s best interests at heart, has finally convinced Britney to let him take over the reins of her recently resurgent career.

Whether or not Larry is a good influence on Britney’s career remains to be seen; I have no idea if he has good intentions or not. What I am confused about is the ‘resurgent career’ part. Since when does a 5-minute stint on an unfunny sitcom mean you’re back as one of the world’s most sought-after entertainers? Yes, I know she’s ‘in the studio’…….excuse me if I’m not convinced her new album will take her to new heights.

Honestly, I have nothing against Britney. I hate writing about her, because every damn celebrity blog is 50 percent Britney, and its ridiculous. I really don’t care if she gets her career back on track or not, or if she gets her life in order and regains custody of her children ever again. But can Larry can make her hot again? Thats the question. Your work is cut out for you, Larry.