Sex (Tapes) in the City by phattyjboy

Kristin Davis Por Scandal

I know. My title is very clever. You wonder how I even come up with these things. I surprise myself everyday.

Look some of these pictures look a lot like Kristin Davis and some of them don’t. TMZ is reporting that these photos were from 1992, even before she was on “Melrose Place”. And waaaaaay before the girls on “Sex in the City” told her about a bikini wax, apparently. I guess a boyfriend was pissed at her, so he leaked the pictures, blah blah blah.

People, the Sex in the City movie comes out right around the corner. Don’t be so stupid to think that this shit wasn’t planned to coincide with it. If you’re the guy who leaked the pictures, you’re smart because she’s getting a lot of PR time right now for the movie. And if your Kristin Davis, then I guess you really felt the movie was going to be that bad or that people weren’t going to come see it. I think every girl I’ve ever known (and some “guys”) watched this show while it was on TV. Do you really think you have anything to worry about?

This just goes to show that even back in the early 90’s, girls were willing to get naked in front of a camera. Seems like the media makes it seem like girls weren’t whores back then. And that is completely not true. We just didn’t have the same internet back then. Just like every time some old person talks about how “Back in my day, you could walk around wherever you wanted, and no one would do anything to you.” That’s just because news didn’t travel very fast before television and the internet, old man. They still had murder and rape and kidnapping. And World Wars. Do you remember those? Don’t talk to me about how my generation is a bunch of punks ever again. EVER.

Its not that I disagree with you. But I just don’t want to hear about it.

Early 90’s Porn Gallery (if you want to see this shit for the 100th time). Very, very NSFW.