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Jane Carrey, Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy

Since today is perv day on this blog, I figured I’d post some pictures of Jane Carrey, Jim Carrey’s daugher, at the premiere of “Horton Hears a Who” in California on Saturday. She is very attractive and if I was really interested in finding out who her mother was, I’d Google her, but that sounds completely illegal.

But then I said fuck it and Googled her anyways. Her mother is Jim’s first wife, former Comedy Store waitress Melissa Womer. And I also found out that she’s 20 and a lead singer of the “Jane Carrey Band” so now I don’t feel as bad about Googling anything. Check out her band playing when they first started:

I wonder what Jane REALLY thinks about her dad banging Jenny McCarthy. First her dad left her mom for Jim’s “Dumb and Dumber” co-star Lauren Holly and now he’s dating a form Playmate. Granted they’re photographed spending alot of time together, especially at autism benefits because Jenny’s son is autistic, but I bet its just because she’s trying to establish a music career. Selfish bitch. Using a poor autistic kid who’s mother was in Playboy multiple times to become famous. How do you sleep at night?

Would you hit it? Aaaaaaalllllllrighty then!

Jane Carrey, Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy 2 Jim Carrey and daughter, Jane Jane Carrey