She’s always been too hot for you by idontknowmuch
Megan Fox

So deal with it.

CelebNewsWire is reporting that BAG (as he will be know from now on) was overheard telling a friend how demanding that my little Fox can be. She supposedly entered the relationship with a whiteboard in hand where the pair could schedule out their alloted time for family, friends, and each other. Then as she actually became famous, she began to erase their time together, sometimes not even bothering to come home to erase the board and instead ending their dates by text. She even threatened to get her attorney involved if he complained about it.

Wow she sounds like my little angel is a handful. And very anal. And you know what? I don’t care. Most girls are a handful and you shouldn’t dump the ones who might have a preference to anal just because they want to control your life. Suck it up, BAG. She’s your meal ticket. I’m surprised you even have friends.