This is EXACTLY Why I Love This Show by idontknowmuch

Ellen Valinotti

The Moment of Truth on FOX is on at 9pm EST on Wednesday nights. And if you’re doing anything else besides watching this show every Wednesday, then I can never be friends with you.

Ellen Valinotti, a married mother of four and very attractive, gets asked questions like this:

“Does the thought of getting spanked by an attractive male excite you?”

“While having sex with your husband Darren, have you ever fantasized about a member of the New York Yankees?”

And if you were wondering, she said YES to both of these questions on national television. And she’s getting even hotter and hotter as I watch.

Then the show takes a different turn, which for some odd reason, is still very entertaining to me. Even though I am only watching through my fingers like you did when your female “friend” in high school was changing and she told you to cover your eyes. You know you looked.

“Do you think you are a better mother to your children than your mother was to you?” – YES

“Do you believe that your in-laws have been better parents to you than your own?” – YES

“Have you ever fantasized about having sex with one of your co-workers?” – YES

“Did you invite anyone to your wedding that you previously had sexual relations with?” – YES (Kinky, ain’t she?)

“Do you have any secrets that you believe could end your marriage?” – YES (Stupid whore.)

“Do you believe you will be married to Darren for the rest of your life?” – YES

They took the $100,000 for getting 15 questions right and they will need that money to pay for the divorce lawyers. There are a lot of whores out there, aren’t there? Jesus Christ. I know my future wife will fantasize about athletes and celebrities, but co-workers? I’d probably go postal on that office. Woman are just as bad as men and don’t you ever think otherwise.

Something new we found out this week was that they ask your friends and family a bunch of questions before they give you the lie detector test. I’d kill my friends if they revealed some of this shit about me. Guy code, dude. Guy. Code.

Click HERE to view a recap video of the show. Go HERE if you don’t know anything about the game.

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I like the show, too, but was really turned off last night when they kept going to commercial after every question, only to return and REPEAT the frigging last 30 seconds before they went to commercial.

Comment by c.r.purdon

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