HannahBomber by idontknowmuch

Hannah Montana

I know I know. Stupid title. Its Friday and I don’t give a shiiiiit.

A fucking 16 year old was going to hijack a plane and crash it into a Hannah Montana concert down in Louisiana. Let me repeat. 16 year old. Crash. Plane. Hannah Montana. Dead.

Now don’t get me wrong. I spent many nights during my “formative years” wishing that I could drop planes on stupid teenie bopper whores. Hell I may have even wished that on some of the ones that were a little, dare I say, fugly. But come on dude. Just go to college and you won’t give a fuck about your little high school crushes anymore. You’ll get plenty of ass, albeit I don’t know how it would compare with the lovely Ms. Montana, but you’ll be drunk so who cares.

Needless to say this guy might have just been a few years too late with a plan to kill off a teenie bopper. Why don’t you do this circa 1998 and spare us half the bullshit we get jammed down our throat on a daily basis. Wait nevermind. I wouldn’t have very much to talk about then, would I? They’d probably find another celebrity to spread all over the gossip pages, but would it really be THIS fun? And who am I to wish there never was the “I’m a Slave For You” video?

Southwest Ding logo

To all the mothers out there, don’t you worry about sending your kids to a concert. Southwest has just initiated a new “Ding” program that will notify passengers every time a flight is hijacked to crash into a Hannah Montana concert. Let’s just hope someone on the flight would actually want to stop them. 

Geography Lesson for Friday: 

Can anyone point out where Montana and Louisiana are on this map? *Bonus points for if you can tell me where in Montana the Unabomber lived. That was Montana, right?

Blank map of USA