Gotcha, bitch! by idontknowmuch

Radar is reporting that Lindsay Lohan didn’t know that the nude pictures she took for New York Magazine would end up in print. From Radar:

The plan to publish nudes—a monumental move in her career—was never made clear, Lohan’s rep says. Photographer Bert Stern, the now 78-year-old most famous for getting Marilyn Monroe to strip on film six weeks before her overdose on barbiturates (then going ahead and publishing contact sheets Monroe had exed out with red marker), suggested a much less revealing homage for the mag. A rumor from the very closed set suggests Stern dangled the possibility that the nudes would be displayed only in a museum or as part of his book and that the tamer shots would go to New York.


Yes, I’m sure thats it. An 80-year old man with a camera told her that she should get naked for a photoshoot, but assured her that he and New York Magazine wouldn’t use the shots of her rack in the magazine. Lindsay was totally unaware. Of course.

All right then. My mission is clear. One, find Bert Stern. Two, convince him to track down Scarlett Johannson, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Diora Baird, and Rosario Dawson, and invite them to a ‘tasteful photo shoot’.  Then, when the girls arrive, tell them the shoot is a ‘Tribute to Strap-On Dildos’ for, I don’t know, People magazine. Or In Style. The magazine is irrelevant. Of course, Grandpa Bert will assure the girls that the only pics used in the spread will be those of them walking around in lingerie or something, not the shots of them partaking in a 5 dreamgirl orgy.

After that we can dispatch Bert and his magical skills of persuasion to the middle east. Maybe he can get that whole thing sorted out.

Finally! by idontknowmuch

Its about time Lindsay just got naked already. We’ve been waiting for this day since The Parent Trap Freaky Friday Mean Girls, and now its a reality: Lindsay Lohan has shown her rack.


So a big thank you to New York Magazine. Now if you can get Scarlett to show hers, you will be true national heroes.