Say It Ain’t So, Izzie! by idontknowmuch

Katherine Heigl/Dr. Izzie Stevens

The National Enquirer’s new issue claims:

After starring in the hit films Knocked Up and 27 Dresses, Katherine believes she has outgrown the small screen – and her agent is working overtime so she can devote herself full time to movies, sources say. “Katherine has even suggested to ‘Grey’s’ producers that they kill her character Dr. Izzie Stevens in dramatic fashion so her exit could bring in huge ratings,” a pal of the 29-year-old Emmy winner told The Enquirer. Newly married to rocker Josh Kelley and riding high on her box-office appeal, Katherine has formed a production company with her mother Nancy, whos her manager, and she’s being swamped with movie offers, said the pal. But leaving “Grey’s Will be an uphill battle because her contract with Touchstone and ABC is ironclad for the next two years, according to another source.

Honest;y, she’s probably doing the right thing. Grey’s is kind of going downhill. I know this shows are supposed to be about drama and the ER and they use sex to lure in viewers, but they honestly have everyone sleep with everyone. And then they make up characters just to throw an interesting plot twist. Next we’ll find out Meredith’s real father is the Chief and she’s part black and they’ll bring the racist black doctor back and they’ll hook up and then Christina and McDreamy will get it on right in front of everyone at the bar across the street. We get it. Hospitals are hard places to work in and everyone’s with each other 19 hours a day so they don’t have anyone else to bang anyways. We learned that from “ER” in the 90’s.

Katherine should have her character killed off, get some major publicity, and then try to become an accomplished movie actress. I think she did a good job in “Knocked Up”, but do I see her playing anything but gag comedy roles or shitty romantic comedies? Nope. Just keep playing the same character until we hate you and then go get fat with Josh and enjoy your millions. Maybe we’ll hear from you in 10 years when you lose all the weight and decide to do Playboy. That would be generous of you.