You’re achy-breaking your father’s heart!!! by idontknowmuch

When the wife and I think about possibly having a kid sometime soon, we think about some of the people who we believe are great parents and how we want to take little lessons we have learned from those parents and formulate our own parenting ‘strategy’, as it were. Those people include our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and of course, Billy Ray Cyrus.

So it came as a complete shock to me that Billy Ray’s youngin’, ‘Hannah Montana’ star Miley Cyrus, has had some not-so-innocent pictures of her appear online this weekend.

Hannah Montana

Sweetie, listen to someone older: you have the rest of your life to skank it up.¬†You’re only 16……I think. If you want to send ‘racy’ pictures to the dude you’re fucking when you’re 22, and those pictures get leaked online, I will happily post them. I might even email them to my friends and the male members of my family. But just wait.