Pregnant Hotties: Confused Edition by idontknowmuch

Tatu is pregnant

I remember that I was a little confused when Tatu came out because I think they were like 12 and saying they were lesbians. What teenage girl doesn’t think they are a lesbian at some point during those awkward years? We’ve all heard about the “pillow fights at pajama partys” but I don’t think girls are punching pillows, if you know what I mean.

There are rumors that the lesbian thing is completely made up to try and sell more records to all us perverted guys. It must not have worked because I never bought that shit and haven’t heard from them in years. I guess its just that I know the pregnant girl is the hotter of the two, but why would they choose her to inseminate? The other girls isn’t bad, but she’s definitely the one who should be pregnant in my eyes. However, that would completely screw up the lesbian rumor because then the more butch of the two would pregnant and “guys” can’t get pregnant.

What about Chicks With Dicks? Can they get pregnant? I don’t even want to think about that actually. What the hell was I talking about anyway?

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Video of photoshoot HERE.