Why do we even need to investigate this? by idontknowmuch

Britney Spears swimsuit

TMZ is reporting that the LAPD’s Robbery Homicide division is indeed investigating Sam Lutfi to see if he had drugged and controlled Britney Spear’s life. They had previously denied reports that an investigation was ongoing, but thats probably because they already know he drugged the bitch. They are still denying that there are any real “suspects” in the case, but people with an IQ of 48 can figure this one out.

Just lock them both up as far as I’m concerned. It would do Hollywood society humanity a great injustice NOT to lock them up. Whether he drugged her to try and take over her life, or she took drugs and he just helped her get them, does not matter to me. Do you remember when Britney threw him out of her car so that she could drive and he went along with it like a puppy who just shit on the carpet and now has his tail between his legs? This guy isn’t some mastermind or anything. He thought Britney had tons of money and they probably got jiggy with it (get int he DeLorean and gun it to 1998) and he just milked her for all she’s worth. Literally.

All you English majors: Don’t you dare fucking correct me for using the word “literally” like that. I don’t give no shit.