Does This Sell Lingerie? by idontknowmuch

Katie Price/Jordan new lingerie line

I’ve seen pictures of this whore slut tramp girl before and my reaction was “just another girl with fake tits.” I think she’s the one that recently had them removed, but I don’t care to verify that. She does have a pretty nice body though.

So why the other models you ask? Because this chick is the semi-hot chick from high school with small tits that you see five years later and she’s smoking with a huge rack. Buuuuuuuut she’s still hanging out with the ugly girls to make herself feel better, so that she always gets the attention. She doesn’t really care about you, girls. Bravo for going up there as natural women. I know if I did a similar photoshoot in my Speedo, there would be no way anyone would buy more Speedos. I’m pretty sure their stock price would drop so far that they would have to restructure the company and fire tons of people.

And I don’t want to put anyone out of a job, now do i?