Jay-Z and Beyonce Wedding? by idontknowmuch


There are reports that Jay-Z and Beyonce have taken out a marriage license, one of the final steps a couple takes before walking down the aisle. People reports:

According to a source, the pair obtained a license Tuesday morning. The document is valid for 60 days. A rep for Beyoncé told PEOPLE, “No comment.” Jay-Z’s spokesperson could not be reached.

I really don’t have anything crabby to say about these two. Jay-Z is one of the best lyricists of all-time (even if some claim he steals some of his rhymes) and is arguably the most talented MC in the history of rap. Meanwhile, while I don’t consider myself a fan of Beyonce’s music and I think she was horrible in that Austin Powers movie, she is fine as hell. She appears to be relatively thick in the britches, which I love. You all can keep them skinny-ass bean pole women.

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One of the other bloggers, Dos Un, reported about Jigga and B on Highbrid Nation and I thought it was a late April Fool’s joke. Beyonce and Jay-z have been together for like 6 years. He’s like 40. I figured if it hasn’t happened already it probably won’t. Maybe I’m wrong though. I can’t wait to see the babies. They will look like cute little camels.

Comment by Mike Belgrove

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