She’s Just Being Ugly by idontknowmuch

Miley Cyrus ugly

Supposedly Ms. Hannah Montana here saved some dog from imminent doom. At least that’s how everyone who’s posting THESE PICTURES of Miley Cyrus is acting. The dog ran away from its owner for probably 45 seconds and then found Miley Cyrus and her dad petting it. The owner probably asked what the hell that green goblin was doing near her precious pooch, screaming that she needs to unhand her now, and then realized who the goblin was and asked if she wanted to buy the dog for $100.

Same thing happened to me in a park one time. This mange-y looking dog came running up to me, begging me to give it some of my Jimmy John’s, and I almost choked trying to tell it to leave me to my #9 Italian Night Club sandwich. This ridiculously good-looking dog walker comes running up and apologizes to me, saying she was sorry the dog ruined my lunch blah blah blah. Then the bitch has the nerve to think I’m Carson fucking Daly and she sits down next to me with the dog on her lap. The dog grabs some of my genoa salami and before I can even react, this girl blurts out “I want some of your salami, too.”

True story. Except she really just wanted some salami off the sandwich. The restraining order is still in effect. I guess you can’t pull out your man meat in public unless someone is very specific with you. I blame the FCC.

Check out the nutritional facts for this wonderful sandwich:

Jimmy John’s #9 Italian Night Club sandwich

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Why u be cusing little kids be reading this jump to.And what do you mean by she’s just beinging Ugly???

Comment by Miley Cyrus

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